Aerona Software

Webdesign & Digital Content

What was needed:

To elevate the existing brand through a complete redesign of website, video explainers for the products, testimonial videos and marketing resources.


What we did:

Developed the brand. Build wireframes and design layouts for web developer - taking UX & UI into consideration. Designed ebooks, videos and infographics.

We worked closely with the Director of Aerona to develop the brand online. We undertook the huge job of completely revamping the website and moving all marketing activity to Hubspot. We work with Aerona’s webdeveloper to consturt and plan the website, while also designed and devloping the content. The content included motion graphic explainors, inforgraphics, case study videos, social media graphics and ebooks. We really enjoyed taking an exisiting brand and elavting it by giving it a strong identity that was visiable across all content.

"Imagine Lab brought a clarity of vision, a rapid understanding of a very specific market sector, and a whole bucketful of ideas and positivity to the project. An absolute pleasure to work with."

John Peto

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